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About Terri

When people ask me how and why I became a graphic designer, I tell them it’s in my DNA. And I mean that literally.

My father owned a printing company and, as a young girl, I spent hours watching him set type. In fact, I played with “type” the way other kids played with Legos. To me, the smell of fresh-printed ink is still as comforting as the scent of fresh-baked cookies. And of course I had that pleasure as well. My mother was an amazing baker, known for her beautifully decorated cakes. I like to think that some of her creativity was passed on to me.

In middle and high school, art was my favorite subject. Growing up near Ann Arbor, I always planned to attend the University of Michigan Art School. At U-M, I majored in design and painting. Later, I sold my oils and acrylics at the Ann Arbor Art Fair and worked various jobs—often two or three at a time.

In the early 1980s, after freelancing for various advertising and PR firms, I set up shop on State Street in Ann Arbor. My first clients were Borders Books and St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.

Today, I have a wide assortment of clients in fields that span business, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, education and the nonprofit sector. I enjoy each and every one of them—especially the nonprofits. And in every case, it’s the people I meet along the way who make my career so fascinating and my work so rewarding.

These days, I sometimes wonder: if I had another lifetime—what would I choose to do, what career path would I pursue? I suspect I’d become a graphic designer. Or a painter. Or maybe, just maybe, a genetic scientist.

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